elpamCloud File Storage

Securely access all your files, anywhere!

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SSD Tweaker Free Edition for Windows

Optimize and Restore Performance of youe SSD in Windows XP, Vista,7 and 8.
The SSD Tweaker has a massive distribution around the world for its simple yet powerful features and interface. It has been reviewed and reccommended by many PC mangazines and Tech Websites. Try the SSD Tweaker today and get the most from your powerful SSD.

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Plex Hardware Transcoding Cheat Sheet

Looking to upgrade your Plex Media Server to hardware transcoding. Check out this handy tool to help with calculations on hardware requirements. .

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RepRemote for iOS

RepRemote brings you the first app for iOS to give you full control of your 3D printer.

Features include:

Temperature control of extruders and heat-bed
Preview stored print jobs
Delete stored print Jobs
Print stored print jobs
Print time estimation
Queue Print Jobs
Pause and Resume Print Jobs
Stop and Remove Queued Jobs
Manual control of X Y Z Axis
Multi Repetier-Server support
Multi printers per server supported
Local network and Remote network support
Custom GCode scripts

more features to come soon to include:

Streaming IP Camera support
Fan control
Speed control
Flow control

Repetier-Server software controlling your 3D Printer

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Age of Empires Launcher - Freeware

Play Age of Empires II - Conquerors in Windows 7 & Vista.

This Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion Launcher fixes problems with incorrect colors durning game play when you are using Windows Vista, 7 and 8. These colours can affect game play and can be just a little bit annoying. No setup is required. Simply run the Launcher and it will scan its local folder then the entire hard drive until it has found your game installation. Then you are ready to play.
The Age of Empires Launcher is Freeware.

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