Frequently Asked Questions


I am getting the error "0x0000135" when running the SSD Tweaker in Windows XP or Earlier or Please Install DotNet 2 Error

This just means that you dont have the Microsoft .Net Framework 2 installed.
Completing the Windows Updates in Windows XP will install this or you can download it from

I have lost my SSD Tweaker Registration code, Can I have it emailed to me again?
Yes you can, click here to  have your registration email again.

I have entered my registration code in but it says it is the wrong code.
1. Please close and open the SSD Tweaker again and check the title bar for 'SSD Tweaker Pro'.
2. Try the registration code again.
3. Click here to have your code emailed again. 

What upgrades am I entitled to with the SSD Tweaker Pro Version?
All Professional version Licenses come with Lifetime Free Upgrades included.
You will be able to upgrade for free to all new versions SSD Tweaker Professional.

After payment with PayPal I was unable to complete my registration
If a PayPal email but no payment confirmation email has been received, you can use the Transaction ID from the top of your PayPal email to complete your registration here.

An Offline Activation Code is required
Please click here to complete your Offline Activation